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Update 2022

Welcome to Feel free to take a look around. You'll find some music I've played and worked on, videos, some news, a little of my background, and even some trivia. I think it's fair to say that 2020 was quite an experience. Glad we are moving on to a new fresh year. Hindsight is 2020. While last year brought a complete halt to the touring industry and live events, it also brought some much needed change and much needed shift of perspective on life. I think last year, amongst the chaos, brought a lot of positive changes as well. It forced all of us to look at how we live and what's important. My life, prior to the halt, moved a million miles an hour. So, while I could have done without the total work disruption of my business, I am grateful for the reflection and rearrangement it brought. I'm hoping we can all get back to enjoying live events and concerts again soon, and life returning to even a shadow of what we used to know as normal. But it certainly highlights all the things we all took for granted prior to March 2020. Anyway, lots of exciting things in the works including new singles coming soon from DMC and the Hellraisers, and hopefully this year a return to the road and friendly skies playing live shows with The Party Crashers and DMC and the Hellraisers. In the meantime stay safe, healthy, and keep those masks and PPE on. We are a global community and we will all get through this most unique experience together. I wish you well.

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October 2021
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Bass Magazine November 2021


Available in the October issue in the UK, November US, Bass player Magazine out no!! I did a feature with them last summer and it was just released a week ago to newsstands and bookstores that still exist. This is a new highlight in my career and I am honored to be part of such a great legacy of a magazine. Single issue buy link below:

DMC and The Hellraisers video for single "Hellraiser" released 
June 2021