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Early on in his career as a multi-faceted bass player and producer, David Filice adopted a unique philosophy: “Even if I don’t know how to play a certain style, if someone asked me to work with them, I would say yes and figure out how to play it later.” His powerful work ethic, combined with this dynamic mindset of curiosity, adaptability and openness to new musical vistas, has led to an extraordinary career touring and performing with multiple platinum and Grammy winning artists; composing music for film and TV, writing and producing for other artists; and playing key creative roles in several dynamic personal recording projects.


David’s most notable high-profile associations have been with American Idol alum David Archuleta, famed Poison and Mr. Big guitarist Richie Kotzen and Darryl McDaniels, aka DMC from hip-hop legends Run-DMC. The arena tour he did with Archuleta in 2009 featured co-headliner Demi Lovato, and he toured with Kotzen throughout the U.S., South America and Europe. He has kept the groove going behind McDaniels, both in the U.S. and internationally, since 2012. David has also toured with Bret Michaels and The Rembrandts, in addition to doing gigs with Bono and the Edge (on an “American Idol” season finale), Party Crashers, Trace Adkins, Robbie Williams, Alex Band from The Calling, American Idol winner Kris Allen, Sophie B. Hawkins, The Motels and Jennifer Paige. 


Before he became a first call touring bassist, David developed an impressive, diverse resume as a film and television composer, creating music for films on Showtime as well as shows on E!, MTV, VH1, Fox, ABC, Disney Channel, A&E, Bravo, Discovery, HBO and Cinemax. “Bad Cat,” a song he co wrote and produced for internationally renowned Japanese artist Yoko Yazawa, hit the Billboard charts.     


In addition to sharing his multitude of talents in the service of other artists, David played in One Tribe Nation, a Los Angeles based Afrocuban funk-rock-soul band, from 2005-2012; he co-wrote the album We Are The One. In 2017, he teamed up with singer/songwriter Matt Hartke to create the unique bicoastal “beachy” pop group Vacation Music Club. Their EP Vol. 1 features veteran backing musicians who have worked with everyone from Mick Jagger and Kelly Clarkson to Smashmouth and Ariana Grande.


As the son of a father who was a classical pianist, the Northern California native grew up in a household full of music. He tried piano lessons when he was young but his musical sensibilities were turned around at 14 when he was exposed to Geddy Lee and Rush. “I heard ‘Limelight’ and something in me knew that I had to play the bass,” David says.


He joined some local bands as a teenager, then upon graduating high school, got a job at the legendary San Francisco studio Hyde Street Recorders. That experience prompted him to attend Full Sail University in Florida, where he received a degree in audio engineering. Upon graduating, he moved to Los Angeles and began working at Sony Music Studios – but after a year as a staff runner, he realized that engineering was only one element of the path he wanted to pursue in music. His ultimate goal was to write and produce songs and tour. He laid the foundation for his soon burgeoning career studying with music educator Mark Harrison and completed intense programs in ear training and music theory. There were years early in his journey as a professional bassist when he would literally practice eight hours a day.


While many touring musicians eventually tire of the grind of traveling, David has always felt that traveling and exploring new places fit his spirit perfectly. “Seeing and touring the world playing bass has been a dream beyond anything I could have imagined,” he says. “When I would see tour busses as a kid, I told myself that I would someday live that life, and I am thrilled by every opportunity to continue doing so. You have to live to fill your artistic pallet, but I find at this point in my career that the balance of travel and studio/creative endeavors makes it most fulfilling.”


Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (cofounder of Hip Hop Icons Run DMC)

Vacation Music Club

Kris Allen (Jive Records)

Cassadee Pope (Hey Monday, The Voice)

Jordan Knight (New Kids on the Block)

Kelsi Taylor

Yoko Yazawa

One Tribe Nation

Abbey Lane

Ryan Curran

Little Dove


Adam Malicki (Poland)

Aaron Ellis

Mackenzie Aladjem (Actress)

Daniel Morones

Greg Haptor

Jeff Bowders

Mesner (Irish Rock Band)

Fabienne Shine (France)

Jay-J Shifted Music

Records and Tapes

Keevie Smith

Corey King - The Utopian Sociaety Soundtrack

Bass Instructor/Educator

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Online Bass instruction and group classes on Soundhaus Innovative online platform. 



Bass Instructor/Program Director - M Gray Music academy, founded by Grammy award winning artist Macy Gray



Bass Instructor - Private instruction and Ensemble Instruction



Bass Instructor - Private instruction and Ensemble Instruction

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