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Travel Blog: Cancun 11/14/22

I decided that since I travel so much for my work, I may as well keep a travel log/blog of places that are more extraordinary or noteworthy. This time it was the Grand Velas in Cancun, Mexico. I took the shot above on night one after arriving. I flew in from Los Angeles on a nice Delta flight, and was there early enough in the evening to enjoy the sights. I tend to stay up very late. Some might call me vampire like. So I really like to explore hotel areas in the late quieter hours. This was another quick fly in, show day, and fly out the next day thing. As I like to say, I've seen a lot of places for a short period of time.

So let's take a quick look at this trip, and the Grand Velas Riviera Maya. Located about an hour ride from Cancun (CUN) airport. This place had a very nice pool as you can see above. But first, the staff at this place is top notch. Very friendly and professional, and so quick with everything. Whoever hires, trains, and manages here is doing a smashing job. The property itself is massive. Takes a 3 minute van ride to go from the lobby to the other building with the beach. The good thing is that shuttle is every 3 minutes and very efficient. The beach was okay, buoy's close in, but there was area to take a dip, and the scenery was beautiful. And the water bath water warm. The infinity pool was where it was a though. Beautiful, black tiled, scenic, and warm. Also had a nice bar, which I didn't get a chance to visit cause it was before sound check. I mean, it was a workday after all. But the pool was great.

This resort is it's an all inclusive one, which from my experience is hit or miss when it comes to cuisine. The room service was great for like turkey clubs and late night food. I didn't try the breakfast or other stuff. But there looked like some good stuff on there. Green juices, pancakes etc...So overall, I'd say the food was okay/pretty good. But the service was great. The thing I always forget, but won't again, is going to a place like this the staff count on tips. So I need to come with a gang of 5's. They deserve it. They were good, but it's a good tip to remember. No Pun intended. All in all, I liked this place. The litmus test for me is the following; would I come back here and spend my own money to do it. I get paid to travel, playing music and going to some pretty fantastic places on this earth. And it is paid for by clients/artists. So if I would come back to a location, and spend the time and money to do so will probably be a rare occasion. But there have been a few. I'd say for this one it would would say it wouldn't fall in the voluntary return catagory. But that is a high bar to meet just because of my volume of travel. This is a great hotel and the staff, grounds, and rooms are really nice and comfortable. This is definitely one of the better places.

Travel quote of the blog: We have nothing to lose and a world to see."

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